A haircut is a haircut is a haircut, right? If we’re just talking about the very service of getting a trim, then yes … sort of. Like car problems or brewing beer, it’s something you know a bit about but would rather just leave to a professional. In short, you can walk into pretty much any barber shop, say “I need a haircut,” give a very vague explanation of what you want and in thirty minutes you’ll be good. In a pinch, this works. But why settle? What’s great about Coach and Four, located at the south end of campus, is that it combines the reliability expected from any barbershop with a unique and enduring personality.

The actual haircuts are wonderful. The barbers can tell how long it’s been since you last came in at a glance and can take a vague “I don’t want it too short,” and turn it into a date-ready cut. Best of all, each haircut is concluded with a neck shave, except here it’s done with warm shaving cream and a straight razor.

And if it’s true that a barbershop is all about the ambiance, then Coach and Four gets a full score. This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the free beer and Playboys, but even without them, the Michigan sports memorabilia on the walls lets anyone who walks in know that this is a barbershop that could only exist in Ann Arbor. So, if you need a haircut, or just some advice on your bracket, Coach and Four is the place for you.

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