There’s nothing sexy about banks. Or at least there shouldn’t be — you don’t need a shiny new lobby or tellers in three-piece suits to hold onto your money.

Simplicity. That’s what inspires confidence in a lending institution, and that’s part of the reason why so many Ann Arborites turn to TCF Bank to store their cash. Their most luxurious offering is a free hoodie for freshmen at orientation. But, jokes aside, we keep coming to TCF because it’s a no-nonsense bank. No frills, no bells and whistles, just good, steady service.

We also go to TCF because no other bank’s presence is so strongly felt in Ann Arbor.

It’s the friendly logo sitting on the back of every student’s M Card, whether you bank there or not. It’s the ATM dutifully standing by the front door to every dorm on campus, ready for those nights when, full of hopes but short on cash, we stumble back home on the way to the next adventure. It’s your money where you need it, when you need it, and that’s why Ann Arbor truly loves TCF.

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