It’s hard to grasp Ann Arbor’s love for Stucchi’s until you’re standing in line for free ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s and you see people sitting inside Stucchi’s eating exactly the same dessert they could have gotten for free only a few feet away.

Correction: It’s not the same dessert. Stucchi’s is an examplar of that rare native Ann Arbor business that has continued to be a city staple over multiple generations. It’s the place you take your family to because they haven’t heard of the wonder that is frozen yogurt, it’s where you hang out with friends you haven’t seen since orientation, and most often, Stucchi’s is that wondrous haven where you can bury your stress and finals-week panic attacks in a mound of “Swiss Chocolate Almond.”

Yeah, sure, Stucchi’s is different from its competition because it’s local. It has the perfect location to hop over from home or class for a quick dessert break, and it’s got enough flavors to keep a sweet-tooth experimenting for months.

But what makes Stucchi’s special is it tastes fresher and richer than any other ice cream in town, and has flavors so original and delectable that going to Stucchi’s becomes the rare, special event you can’t help but look forward to.

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