In the age-old conflict between best Mexican restaurants, the crux of the argument often falls on one food: the glorious burrito. And, in the battle between the best tortilla-wrapped meat, beans and rice, the winner is obvious: Chipotle.

Its ingredients are not only the freshest, but they look it too: The chicken is slightly charred and delightfully seasoned, reminiscent of summer grill-fests; the rice is flavorful, but in a way that complements instead of dominating the other components; and the salsas, well, they deserve a paragraph unto themselves.

Ranging from hot to mild, each salsa choice accentuates the variety of meats. Barbacoa and hot salsa should only be considered by those with the heartiest of palettes, whereas chicken with Pico de Gallo (mild) and lettuce is refreshing enough as to warp your opinion on how Mexican cuisine can make you feel. Also, want the tomatoes of mild with the kick of hot? Mix the flavors!

At Chipotle, each burrito becomes a minor adventure, pretending you are Ferran Adrià in the kitchen, combining fajitas with brown rice, guacamole, black beans, carnitas and a mixture of medium and hot salsa. Will it be your favorite burrito? Maybe not. But with Chipotle, you know it will be delicious.

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