Ann Arbor can’t be condensed into one paragraph, one story or one magazine. Ann Arbor is a bastion for art and intellect and freedom and ambition and fun, and no single publication could ever encompass all that the city has to offer. During the year, the Michigan Daily strives to expose readers to all sides of campus and the city it calls home, but once a year, when the flowers begin to bloom and graduation looms ever closer, we take a step back to appreciate the best that Ann Arbor has to offer. This year, the Best of Ann Arbor issue contains the restaurants, stores and bars most cherished in the hearts of University students and Ann Arbor residents alike. Whether you are a new student, yearning to discover the best spot to coolly drink coffee and talk politics, or a long-time alum hoping to reconnect with your alma mater, this list will be a good start.

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