5 – ‘Son of a Witch’ by Gregory Maguire – Gregory Maguire returns to the Oz he first made famous in his book “Wicked” and then in the Broadway musical of the same name, with a new book – “Son of a Witch.” Expect Maguire to flesh out new characters, raise new questions and make the land of Oz a whole lot more interesting than when Dorothy skipped down the Yellow Brick Road in shiny red shoes.

Angela Cesere
(Courtesy of ABC)

4 – Normal celebrity baby names – Heidi Klum names her baby Henry, Tina Fey names hers Alice and Britney Spears takes a refreshingly conventional route and names her offspring Sean Preston. Hallelujah, a return to normalcy! It seems as though celebrities have finally realized that naming your child after a fruit is more kooky than cool.

3 – ‘Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride’ – This eerie claymation picture looks as if it will be equal parts scary movie, high drama and light-hearted fun. Tim Burton, you are one creepy man. I can’t wait to see it, even if half the people sitting in the audience with me will either be stoned out of their minds or terrified, disillusioned second-graders.

2 – www.stuffonmycat.com – There are a lots of cats. And a lot of stuff. And lots of weird, crazy stuff on cats. But it’s just really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing at the tiny cat snuggled up in a plastic bottle. And besides, the kitties are so cute! I could look at this for hours.

1 – ‘Desperate Housewives’ on DVD – Housewives that are sexy, slutty, neurotic and frazzled make for some damn good TV. My roommates and I can’t get enough of the show, especially now that it’s on DVD – gossip, scandal, mystery and humor fed to us whenever we want it. What could be better?




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