Two Daily news reporters talk about their voodoo fantasies over AIM.

Paul Wong
Berko wishes

daberk783: hey how is it over there? get this, I’m buying a voodoo doll

Atlantis81: sweet I think I should get a voodoo doll too

daberk783: I know this thing is going to be so cool. It cost me 5 bucks off eBay

Atlantis81: what do you do with one of those

daberk783: if someone pisses you off, you stick a pin in the doll and put a curse on the person

daberk783: I could use it for several people

Atlantis81: wow, who do you think you’ll use it for first

daberk783: well, if I had gotten this thing a few months ago, it would have been Hoffman. Now maybe one of the guys in my house, or my Spanish Prof.

Atlantis81: that’s not nice, who else

daberk783: other randoms, maybe my sister. I don’t actually expect it to work, it’s just the idea

Atlantis81: well, as long as it’s not for me.

daberk783: no not you. I have other ways of dealing with you.

Atlantis81: oooh tempt me. I have some nasty pics I could send you.

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