Mixed By Behrouz and MV

Paul Wong

In House We Trust 2


The musical product of the Yoshitoshi label has consistently been at the top of most DJ want-lists since it was created in 1994. The label’s back catalog includes hard-hitting deep-house, dub and progressive-house singles by Morel, Kings of Tomorrow and Humate. Yet the majority of Yoshitoshi’s publicity has come as a result of the mixing work of electronic music darlings and label founders Deep Dish. In House We Trust 2 is the second in a series of compilations of Yoshitoshi releases. Mixed by Yoshitoshi rising stars Behrouz and MV, the mix highlights both the two artists’ mixing skills as well as past and present Yoshitoshi releases.

Notable favorites on the release include remixes of well-known club hits like Morel’s “Funny Car” and Narcotic Thrust’s “Safe from Harm.” The classic deep and dark bass-heavy dub of most Deep Dish tracks is evident here, and most of these tracks would be comfortable slipped into the weekly set of any international jet-set DJ. Nevertheless, the track selection ends up overshadowing the artistry. This two-disc set is more about putting Yoshitoshi’s top-notch dance music product on display than it is about Behrouz and MV. The tracks are crisp and characteristic of the typical Deep Dish/Yoshitoshi sound – representative of the sound fans have come to respect and critics have come to praise.

But this duo is no Deep Dish. While certainly capable mixers and producers, Behrouz and MV are overshadowed by their larger than life track selections. As we all know, listening to a cover band play Guns ‘n Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” is no substitute for hearing Axl Rose screech it out in the flesh. The same is true for most of the tracks here. Instead of debuting two legitimately talented DJ’s and producers with a compilation mix CD, each artist is given only one remix attempt out of 10-plus track selections. Ultimately Behrouz and MV look more like Deep Dish poseurs than like the legitimate producers they surely are.

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