At 6-foot-4, 215-pounds, Iowa stud wide receiver Marvin McNutt is a handful for any cornerback. Michigan defensive coordinator said the easiest way to handle him is to simply sack the quarterback first.

After containing Michael Floyd earlier in the season, McNutt will provide similar challenges as Michigan tries to stop the jump-ball phenom and his quarterback, the newcomer James Vandenberg. Eight games into the season, McNutt already has 858 yards, and nine touchdowns, averaging nearly 18 yards per catch.

At Big Ten Media Day in August, McNutt sat down with the Daily to talk about the upcoming season.
The Michigan Daily: Ricky Stanzi graduates after last season. You have a new quarterback coming in. Is that an issue for you? The team?

Marvin McNutt: It’s one of those things, early in the year might not start out as strong or as smooth as you’d like. But saying that, we have all the confidence in the world in James Vandenberg and doing what he can do to produce in a pretty good fashion, which gives us the chance to win games.

TMD: What’s the biggest difference between Stanzi and Vandenberg?

McNutt: Definitely Ricky had a lot of experience under him. From another standpoint, that’s the only thing that you can really take away from James right now.

TMD: What are the goals you have for your senior year?

McNutt: Just that I’m doing whatever I can to put our team in a position to win. Whether that be blocking downfield or coming up with the catches — either or. It’s a great feeling to win games. That’s your goal.

TMD: A string of quality wide receivers have come through Iowa in recent years, how does it feel to be the next one?

McNutt: You know what, it’s definitely a great honor. Especially now that coach (Erik) Campbell is there. We’ve seen a different look with the way the receivers have been playing. With that being said, it’s just a great honor to be apart of the tradition that he has held.

TMD: Coach Campbell used to coach at Michigan, you know. What’s he like as a coach at Iowa?

McNutt: He’s a guy that you look forward to seeing at practice every day. He makes it fun. He excites you and wants you to play football and make plays. You don’t mind going out for a guy like that. He always has your best interests at heart.

TMD: What’s your favorite Erik “Soup” Campbell story?

McNutt: He’ll think somebody’s sleeping or something and he’ll make them go stand up in the back of the room and start talking about them.

TMD: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses are as a player?

McNutt: For strengths, I think just the ability to use the fact that I played basketball and baseball to my advantage. Basketball, being able to go up for a ball and rebound — use my body. Baseball, you know, to locate a ball and locate the travel of it. I mean, those are some strengths, I feel.

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