Who needs sex island? Survivor II has all the hot, steamy action you could want, especially this week when it appears that Colby and Jerri on the Ogakor tribe are going to really use their “survival skills” (if ya know what I mean).

Paul Wong
Students show off their romantic side by making Valentine”s Day cards in the basement of the Union.<br><br>JEFF HURVITZ/Daily

But love isn”t the biggest topic in the Survivor world this week. In fact, Survivor II isn”t even the hot item.

Former Survivor I contestant Stacey Stillman, a 27-year-old San Francisco lawyer, is suing CBS over the outcome of the first Survivor. Stillman, the third contestant kicked off in the original series says that Survivor producer Mark Burnett fixed the outcome by telling fellow castaways Sean Keniff and Dirk Been to vote her off the island instead of Rudy Boesch.

“We heard about Stacey Stillman”s allegations several months ago,” CBS said in a released statement. “They had no merit then. They have no merit now that she has packaged them into a frivolous and groundless lawsuit.”

Stillman probably doesn”t have a chance against CBS” ten-piece-sutied lawyers. She plans to represent herself.

The tribe has spoken: Back to SII land. Last week proved once again that Ogakor (green) has the better athletes, winning a Butch Cassidy jump-off-the-cliff reward challenge. But wait a second the reward? Two blankets.

Two blankets for eight people? That sucks.

There was more sucking, but in a different fashion at the immunity challenge, Kucha and Ogakor had to suck and swallow some rather disgusting food items (raw cow brains, tripe, worms, bugs). Well not everyone ate them first, Kimmi refused to eat the cow brains because “it”s a mammal.” Then Ogakor”s Tina throws up her tripe, thanks to some annoying gagging sounds from Kucha”s Jeff (what a jerk). So the score remains tied until the end when Kimmi eats a live worm (it”s ok to eat worms, but eating mammals is wrong — dumb girl).

Kucha celebrates their first win of the series and Ogakor goes to tribal council, where poor Kel gets the axe.

Tonight”s torch: (prediction record 2-0 overall) Remember if you don”t want tonight”s episode spoiled, don”t read on! Well, I easily predicted Debb and Kel, the first two bootess from the Outback, but now things get interesting. Don”t bet the house, wife and kids on this upcoming prediction, because evidence is limited, and anything could happen. What I do know? Well, the reward challenge tonight is a strong-man challenge in which Colby (Ogakor) and Michael (Kucha) will square off and see who can hold more buckets of water (sounds stupid, we”ll see). The immunity challenge will have something to do with a rope race. Rodger falls down in the challenge. And pictures of a gloomy Kucha appear to foreshadow a Kucha loss. So off to tribal council they go. But who gets the can? Well top suspects are Kimmi (annoying), Nick (not “in” with the group), Michael (trying to control everything), and Rodger (liability in the challenges).

So I called up Cleo the tarot reading lady and she says whiny Kimmi will get the boot. That”s good enough evidence for me. Bye bye annoyance.

PREDICTION: Four votes against Kimmi, three votes against Rodger

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