Packs of local diehards filled the small club in hopes of snagging a copy of the recently released Bear vs. Shark album, Terrorhawk, but they were treated with a whole lot more than just the 15 new tracks to tantalize their CD player. The band raged through an hour-long set, filling the club with sounds from both their last release and their upcoming Equal Vision effort. 

Fine Arts Reviews
Fine Arts Reviews

Frontman Marc Paffi led the band in their live barrage, diving through the crowd and sprinting what seemed like 30 feet back into the crowd to interact with fans and heighten the excitement level of the already eager crowd. Using the stage and all its surroundings as his jungle gym, Paffi climbed throughout the club, screaming out the lyrics everywhere from the top of the speakers to behind the drum kit. Everything from fast-paced punk rock anthems to keyboard ballads flow from this band’s repertoire, and surprisingly enough, it all seems to have a home in their set.

Frequently encountering delays due to equipment malfunctions, the band’s set was slightly off tempo and felt askew because of the random pauses in the music. Seeming to outweigh such setbacks were impressive musical showings, like the band members’ ability to swap instruments between songs. Talent like this is rarely seen in a band.

Broken mics and stands and faulty electronics aside, Bear vs. Shark is a not-to-miss band. Their furious blend of punk rock and indie is an auditory treat on record, and it is even more stunning in person. These Detroit natives put more effort into one show than many bands put into a week of touring. This band is surely one to be on the rise, not only in the local music scene but on the national level as well. 

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