It has been two years since Beach House released Teen Dream, a delicate, wispy album with one foot grounded in reality and the other fading into a dreamlike haze.

Beach House

Sub Pop

Now, with the group’s release of the single “Myth,” — off their upcoming album Bloom — the Baltimore duo has proven they’re still alluring enough to keep this dream alive. “Myth” inspires hope into fans of Beach House that they will be similarly pleased with Bloom, which is slated to be released just in time for springtime flowers and May showers.

The track is a picture of Beach House at its most pensive, opening with slow, sullen guitar and keyboard notes that rain on top of singer Alex Scally’s vocals.

The lyrics are just as chilling as the instrumentals, with lines like “You came rolling down the cheek / You just say what you need” and “Let the ashes fly,” whispered in Scally’s typically hushed style. It’s smooth, steady and glimmers with melancholy — sure, it’s a morose song, but that dark honesty is what makes “Myth” so captivating.

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