Senior Ashley Bauer, captain of the women’s golf team, is one of a kind.

Sort of.

If you take a second to look at the Michigan women’s golf team roster, she’s really one of three.

Ashley has two sisters on the team – Meagan, a sophomore, and Shana, a freshman. The three have been competing with and against each other in a variety of sports since a very young age, and all three graduated from Grand Blanc High School.

But there is a difference between then and now.

“We were all on the same high school team and there were only six of us, so we took up half the team in high school. But coming here in college, you don’t really expect that,” Ashley said. “There are not too many situations where there are three of us are all together. College golf takes it to another level.”

And Ashley’s job may be the most difficult. As a captain, she has to make sure that there is a clear line between treating her sisters as teammates and as family.

“She has to have talks with us as a captain and then as a sister, so I think that puts her in a tough position,” Shana said. “But she does fine, and we all knew coming into it what we were going to have to do. So far, it hasn’t caused any problems.”

Added Ashley: “It’s a tough thing to balance. I think I need to talk to them more as teammates and not so much as sisters, because it’s easier to get mad at sisters.”

The Bauers have the usual sibling rivalries, but since they are on the same team, they have a common interest – winning.

“We always want to beat everybody out there,” Meagan said. “We want to win, but we’re always rooting for each other, especially since we’re on the same team.”

With the conclusion of their fall season two weeks ago, the sisters have been taking a short break from golf. They will soon begin winter training sessions as a team, and the sisters also hit balls together.

On the course, the sisters’ differences show – though whether their favorite golf club is a sign of their personality is still up in the air. Ashley’s favorite club is an eight-iron, Meagan’s a seven-iron and Shana’s the three-wood, a more aggressive choice.

Ashley will be graduating with a degree in business, whereas Meagan is working toward a nursing degree. As a freshman, Shana is in the LSA program and still isn’t sure what she will pursue.

“As far as what we’re doing here at school, there are different types of things, but all very similar,” Ashley said. “Golf kind of brings it all together.”

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