The Michigan baseball team placed seventh in the Big Ten at the end of the 2009 season, knocking the Wolverines off their three-year pedestal as Big Ten Champions by not even allowing them a spot in the conference tournament.

Now, as Michigan is fresh off winning its weekend series against Ohio State, one must wonder if this is the defining moment of a team in a comeback season?

Last season, the Wolverines fell 6-0 and 9-6 in their two-game series against the Buckeyes. The series culminated in just six runs and 10 hits — all of which were recorded in the second game due to a no-hitter thrown by Ohio State pitcher Alex Wimmers — and a disastrous 25 strikeouts for Michigan. Ohio State, on the other hand, managed 15 runs and 20 hits, with just eight strikeouts at the plate.

During the three years that Michigan reigned as Big Ten Champion, it dominated the Buckeyes, often recording single to double-digit wins. The Wolverines showed that resiliency again this weekend by securing two wins to clinch the rivalry series. Although the margin between scores was not high, Michigan still tallied five doubles and two home runs in the effort, while its medley of pitchers accumulated 24 strikeouts.

This is not to say that a solid weekend of baseball will guarantee the Wolverines anything to come. Michigan still has Big Ten series against Minnesota, Northwestern, and Penn State ahead in their schedule, as well as a non-conference matchup against Michigan State.

But, the statistics do prove promising.

Four teams entered this past week tied for first place in the Big Ten standings: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Northwestern. But after a crazy weekend of baseball, Michigan and Northwestern are the ones to come out of the mix in the lead with an 8-6-conference record.

With Michigan slowly slipping past its top competitors, winning the Big Ten Tournament, which begins at the end of the month, has become a more realistic opportunity for the Wolverines. Of course, the players and coaches will say that they focus on one game at a time, but its obvious that they are all hungry for a title.

Last season, Ohio State and ace-pitcher Alex Wimmers ran over Michigan with an 18-6 conference record and stole its three-year title of Big Ten Champion in the process. And this season, the Wolverines want revenge.

The decisive series win over the Buckeyes could indeed be foreshadowing a greater retort to come.

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