A 27-year-old man robbed a Comerica Bank on Plymouth Road with a handgun just before noon yesterday. The robbery ended in a high-speed chase and gunfire near the southern area of campus.

The bank tellers notified the Ann Arbor Police Department as the suspect was seen fleeing in a Ford Taurus that had been carjacked from Ypsilanti the night before.

The suspect did not harm anyone in the process of robbing the bank.

Detectives in unmarked cars followed the suspect on M-14 North until he exited off Maple Road.

When he turned onto Miller Avenue, patrol cars followed the suspect toward downtown Ann Arbor.

A high-speed chase ensued when the suspect did not stop for the police. Heading southbound on Packard Street, the suspect shot at one of the three police cars following him.

The bullet missed the police cruiser, police reported, but hit a van driving nearby.

The suspect was finally apprehended at the intersection of Division Street and Hoover Avenue about 15 minutes after fleeing the bank.

He threw his gun out the car window and yelled, “Please don’t shoot me,” according to a police report.

The suspect is in custody and will likely be arraigned today.

The suspect could be charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. Both carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The police said they could not disclose how much money was taken.

The incident was the 10th bank robbery in Ann Arbor this year.

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