Alright, boys, it”s time for your lesson. I know you have all wondered at some point, maybe if only for a fleeting second, but deep down you just can”t comprehend what a girl”s obsession with bags is all about.

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Let”s face it, for a guy, his bag, is well, his wallet. That”s it. It”s tiny, it fits in your pocket, and you don”t change it according to your outfit. How simple! However, for girls, this is not the case. So here comes your Cliff”s Notes version to some of the most stylish designer bags around.

Fendi: An Italian house known for its chic bags which are the talk of the Big Apple on “Sex and the City.” You can spot them by their square, abstract “F” button-flap closure. The basic black bag, marked at around $400, goes with anything. But take at least a peak at the beautiful hand-beaded versions, costing upward of $1,000.

Prada: Widely known for its nylon bags of all colors and sizes, these sacs are recognizable from their upside-down, triangular metal Prada label. Maybe the essence of these bags is best represented in a conversation from the movie “10 Things I Hate About You:”

Girl 1: “There”s a difference between like and love. I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

Girl 2: “But I love my Sketchers.”

Girl 1: “That”s because you don”t have a Prada backpack.”

Louis Vuitton: Another Italian leather company, recognizable for its brown grainy leather with the famous “LV” decal printed in tan all over the bag. From purses to backpacks to luggage, they”ve been popping up even before the early days of “Beverly Hills 90210.” And it might even be right under your nose check grandma”s closet. They”ve been around much longer than you have! For the newest addition to the line, take note of the Louis Vuitton graffiti-style logo bags.

Gucci: An additional Italian company, which began by making leather goods. Look for the Gucci classics such as the double “G” motif, often with red and green striped straps, (again, check grandma”s closet) or the handbag with bamboo handles. More recent creations include powder blue leather bags.

Kate Spade: Starting out her accessories company in New York, Kate Spade has managed to make her mark all over the map. Whether it”s a wallet, purse, messenger bag or diaper bag, you can”t lose with a “Kate.” Think square, despite some deviations now and then. The most notable accent of a Kate is the geometrical simplicity and the black, rectangular Kate Spade New York label.

Christian Dior: His now popular “saddle bag” is making its way into the spotlight. If you”ve ever been to a fraternity or sorority barn dance, they kind of look like a very jazzed up version of the boda-bags you might bring with you. Think old-western cowboy and just add gold.

Herve Chaplier: A French luggage company making bags known by my less bag-crazed friends, as “the beach bag.” You”ve seen them all over campus. The bag itself is one color while the bottom and zipper material is another. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to match any ensemble. And, bonus, they”re extremely durable because they are made of a heavy-duty nylon fabric!

Longchamps: Another French company, this bag is somewhat similar to the Herve bag however it is a single color or fabric throughout, and has rolled leather handles. It too comes in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, the newest addition being this summer”s florescent line of pepto-pink, tangerine and aqua blue. They”re lightweight and fold up into a small square-shaped pack.

Now, boys, you may have noted that all but the Kate Spade bags are foreign designs. So, here”s a hint: The next time you see a girl with a Prada or Gucci purse, strike up a conversation this way: “So, did you go abroad last semester?”

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