In the pilot of her new episodic video series, Andrea Claire Maio plans to give her audience a window into what engrossing passion looks like. She’s on a quest to shadow regular people who’ve decided to forgo the life they know, the life they are comfortable with, in favor of taking a leap and doing the unthinkable: following their dreams.

A filmmaker, teacher, artist and ‘U’ alum, Maio herself is one of these passion-seekers stepping outside the bounds of the predictable. She’s taking a chance by attempting to develop a video series on viewer funds alone.

Originally from Michigan, Maio found her inspiration for the series in families from the northern part of the state who were branching out into agricultural ventures but didn’t necessarily have experience in agriculture. Two of Maio’s interview subjects, Jen and Nic Welty, kick-started their own shared agriculture venue, 9 Bean Rows, and are currently trying out biodynamic farming. Winemaker Shawn Walters, another interview subject, worked to start his own winery near Northport, Mich.

“I spent some time with them and found it really inspirational and realized this kind of thing was happening, not just in food and wine and agriculture, but happening in every sector,” Maio said. “People were — either because they had to or because they dreamed about doing it, and sometimes both — having to find ways to make jobs for themselves and be, in the process, a little more responsible for their own well-being.”

But Maio’s series, “Back To Your Senses,” won’t just focus on agriculture. She said it will encompass many people who are doing something unexpected in the search to find and create meaning in their lives.

The series will feature men and women who are looking to control their own fortunes, either because of the shaky state of the current economy or because their previous ventures haven’t panned out in the way they expected. Her subjects are entrepreneurial citizens who are moving forward in the hopes that they come “back to their senses” and figure out how to do what they love and love what they do.

“If I can find people who are doing it here (in Michigan), then there are people who are doing it everywhere,” Maio said.

The pilot episode of the documentary-style series will focus solely on Michigan residents, but in later episodes she wants to include people from around the country.

“It’s kind of tricky to find the kind of stories I want to find because they are about people who are really in the middle of what they’re doing and aren’t necessarily highly visible yet,” Maio said on expanding the series to the rest of the U.S. “So, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge.”

She added: “But I’m excited by that challenge and I really want to find those people, and I believe that they are everywhere in this country.”

The series has yet to be filmed, as Maio is currently raising funds on Created by Aubrey Levy, another ‘U’ alum, the website is a new crowd-funding platform that allows viewers to help fund independent TV and then streams it.

If the pilot is funded by January, Maio plans to film the first episode and then go on to create the rest of the first season, each installment focusing on a different region around the United States. Maio envisions the series becoming a catalyst for viewers to question their own motivations and to ask what they can accomplish that might be more satisfying in the long run.

“I believe that when you find work that you love, it allows you to work harder and it allows you to be more of an asset to your community,” she said. “Ultimately, I want people to be inspired.”

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