There was a time when only good comedians got their own specials on TV; many acts were passed up because networks felt compelled to branch out and show something other than random guys screaming their heads off. But in a time when any worthless hack can get his own special, “Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour with Sean Rouse, Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook” looks pretty decent, despite the fact that it has only two or three legitimately funny jokes.

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“Hey, there goes my career.”
(Courtesy of Comedy Central)

The show begins with the four comedians coming to Las Vegas to put on a comedy special, which will be hosted by Attell. He introduces each comedian and does his bits for about three minutes before each introduction. Throughout each comedian’s set, clips of the guys playing casino games and making senseless conversation have been inserted. Apparently, we’re supposed to give a damn about what these guys do on their downtime.

Sure, “Dave Attel’s Insomniac Tour” is on Comedy Central late at night – the show should tackle controversial issues in an unabashed style, with plenty of profanity along for the ride. But the show is so abhorrently tactless and downright pointless that even the performers’ most ardent fans will be hard-pressed to stick around until the end. Don’t misunderstand this argument; obscene language doesn’t have to be pathetic or pointless – but when you have five or six bleeped words in a row the way these guys do, it’s tough for audiences to follow along.

But this show does not even attempt relevance. Perhaps it’s because the comedians are performing in front of the largest, drunkest crowd in the world (it’s Vegas, after all), and they trot out one lewd, lackluster “zinger” after another.

The sad part is that some of these guys are actually very funny. Giraldo and Cook both show flashes of comedic skill, but in their unfortunate attempt to appear roguish, much of their talent fades into the background. Cook, in particular, has some very funny sets. Rouse has to be the worst of the group. He resembles that peculiar high-school loner you swear makes “to-kill” lists when he’s not firing off his petty and tasteless jabs.

So if, late on a Friday night, you wonder what goes through a boozer’s mind as he gazes deep into the toilet bowl he has just puked into, be sure to tune into Comedy Central – Dane Cook just might enlighten you. If, however, you are sober by any degree, consider yourself excused.


Rating: 1 star out of 5

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