The “coming soon” sign in the windows of the South
State and Hill street corner for the past few months has made Ann
Arbor residents eager to welcome the Atlanta Bread Company. This
Atlanta-based company operates on the mission to deliver the
“premier bakery café experience.” Mission

Mira Levitan
Hot bread, Zeke. The hottest thing since, well, sliced bread. (LAURA SHLECTER/Daily)

Walking through the doors, one immediately notices the well-lit,
wooden décor. Classical music provides a cozy atmosphere and
just the right cover to block out the constant background chatter.
Atlanta also offers its customers more than adequate seating. The
bi-level café provides customers ergonomically crafted
chairs and wooden tables.

ABC’s goal is to satisfy the customer — even the
technologically advanced customers. Numerous outlets along a wall
downstairs provide a haven for laptops with poor battery life. The
numerous menus displayed throughout the seating area upstairs are
daunting for the indecisive type.

Moving straight ahead to the counter, I first had to decide
whether I wanted soup, salad or a sandwich. My impulsive stomach
made my decision simple: a char-grilled chicken pesto panini
milano, which consists of chicken tossed with Italian pesto, topped
with havarti cheese and fresh tomatoes and placed on freshly baked
foccacia bread. The first bite provided the perfect combination of
pesto flavor and tender chicken that was grilled to perfection. ABC
also has vegetarian sandwiches and at least one of its four daily
soups caters to the strict herbivores.

Choosing from the numerous breads is a treat in itself, since
one can choose from thinly sliced sourdough, French, rye,
pumpernickel, thick-sliced nine grain, cracked wheat or honey
wheat. For those who need a little extra flavor in their carbs, ABC
also offers asiago cheese, Italian pesto, sun-dried tomato and
rosemary focaccia. The options do not end there; bagels, croissants
and the ABC roll are also delectable options for that perfect

If you are in search of that perfect breakfast food in the
morning or even at night, ABC is, once again, the place to be. With
a variety of muffins (including zucchini, cranberry-orange, pumpkin
and the traditional blueberry), danishes and croissants (ranging
from French, apple, cheese, almond, raspberry cheese and
chocolate), there is something to satisfy every taste.

The bakery selection does not end with breakfast sweets as
Atlanta presents its customers with bagels, cookies, key lime pie
and my personal favorite, cheesecake. Any of these would be perfect
with the gourmet chais and coffees.

The ABC experience does not end once you leave the café.
ABC offers catering services, as well as customized cheesecakes or
bread with only 24 hours advanced notice. And the best part of ABC?
Every good is baked fresh. Day-old goods are offered to local food
donation centers.

Already, the word is quickly spreading that warm soups, fresh
breads and guilt-ridden desserts have found a new home on South
Campus. Students eager for a relaxing study area and comforting
food should definitely try out this new addition to Ann Arbor
— they are sure to leave loving the experience.

Atlanta Bread Company is located at the corner of State
Street and Packard Road. It is open daily 6a.m. – midnight.



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