Sean Madigan Hoen currently studies psychology in East Lansing, but don”t worry, I didn”t hold it against him.

Paul Wong
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The liner notes for Sean Madigan Hoen”s debut CD The Atavan Tapes (yes he spells it wrong, blame the East Lansing air) say that the 11 songs on the album were “recorded in various bedrooms, basements, and apartments” across the state of Michigan during the course of eight months last year. Unfortunately, it often sounds this way.

But despite some technical studio shortcomings, Hoen”s jazzy chords, raspy raw voice, and crafty vocal melodies on The Atavan Tapes combine together for an interesting, relaxing listen, although not straight through.

Born right here in Ann Arbor, Sean Madigan Hoen has been making music for the past few years, fronting the critically acclaimed rock group Thoughts of Lonesco until early 2000. The Atavan Tapes is quite a departure from his previous rock and roll works, showcasing Hoen”s depth as a singer/songwriter. But change isn”t always a good thing.

While a few of the songs on this album provide unique listens, too often The Atavan Tapes sounds like an all-too-large medley, with track after track supplying bundles of repetition. What Hoen should have supplied with his CD was a few tabs of Ativan for my pounding head. I know that the prescription drug would have eased my anxiety after listening to this album.

Grade: C+

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