The Michigan Student Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of a
resolution to oppose Proposal 2, which seeks to prevent same-sex
marriages and unions in Michigan, at last night’s MSA

The debate among MSA members on whether to come out in
opposition to the proposal was heated and divided.

Many of the members were against formally opposing the proposal
because they felt that it is not MSA’s place to tell students
what to think, although they did not advocate voting for the

However, most members agreed that MSA should formally speak out
against Proposal 2.

“The mere consideration of this amendment threatens all
(lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people,” said LSA
Rep. Paul Spurgeon, who also chairs the Budget Priorities

MSA representatives felt that this was a pertinent issue because
it threatens many members of the University community, including
professors who now receive domestic partner benefits through the
University, said Spurgeon.

University administers have said they do not believe Proposal 2
will make such benefits illegal and that they will continue to
grant them even if it passes.

MSA Vice President Jenny Nathan said: “I don’t see
how we can be silent while anyone’s rights are being
discriminated against.”

Although there were those opposed to the resolution, most agreed
with the sentiments of Spurgeon and Nathan.

Four members voted no, two abstained and 23 voted yes.

“The execs are excited about this particular
result,” MSA President Jason Mironov said. He also said that
MSA is a “student-involved coalition against
institutionalized discrimination.”

Other topics at the meeting included a debate between Ann Arbor
Mayor John Hieftje and Mayoral candidate Jane Lumm. The candidates
debated on local issues affecting students and the University
community, including housing costs, the ban on couches on porches
and each candidate’s qualifications for the position of

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