Last night, the Michigan Student Assembly swore in newly elected members of its body, including recently elected president Sabrina Shingwani and vice president Arvind Sohoni. The meeting also consisted of final goodbyes from outgoing MSA representatives and speeches from former president Mohammad Dar and vice president Nate Fink.

Dar reminisced about his time in the assembly, saying that MSA had seen “incredible highs and lows” in the past year. He said he was pleased that the assembly had overcome difficult issues like the contentious resignation of former MSA President Zack Yost after it was discovered that he created a controversial Facebook group.

In his final address to the assembly, Dar highlighted the responsibility MSA has to the University and its students.

“We must always remember that in us, in our efforts, are the hopes, ambitions and dreams of the students who have elected us,” Dar said. “Remember to be true to their word. Be true to the promises you made. Be persistent in getting it done.”

With the last strike of his gavel, Dar reflected on his presidential term. When asked if he was relieved to be done with his post after the meeting, he said it was “bittersweet.”

“I loved doing it, there is plenty more to be done,” he said. “It is left in capable hands and I have faith in the next generation.”

Shingwani said she was confident in the capabilities of the newly elected MSA representatives.

“All representatives have diverse opinions, diverse views that they really bring to the assembly, and I think this is one of the assembly’s biggest strengths,” she said.

After the meeting held by Dar last night, Shingwani led a second meeting with the newly elected MSA representatives, and reiterated the importance of MSA and their role in voicing student concerns and issues.

“Don’t ever forget that you are representing your community,” Shingwani said.

Sohoni said he looks forward to working with Shingwani and thinks their experience in the assembly will prove to be an asset.

“We’ve seen everything good and bad and we have learned from that to make sure it will be a positive year for MSA,” Sohoni said.

Sohoni said the assembly has learned from its past mistakes and will be focused and efficient in their upcoming agenda.

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