MTV’s hit reality show “Viva La Bam” is the kind of entertainment that’s indicative of today’s television. Forgoing all vestiges of plot and happily embracing mindless mayhem, the show follows Bam Margera as he leads his motley crew of punk skateboarders in the harassment of his mild-mannered parents. Constantly self-congratulating themselves on their own asinine antics, the group destroys everything in sight while the cameras roll.

As a reality show, “Viva La Bam” is a mild success. Much like its predecessor “Jackass,” the show relies heavily on the personalities of its stars to garner laughs, and watching Bam look on gleefully while his parents simmer in anger makes for a riotous, if mind-numbing, television experience.

“Viva La Bam: Complete Seasons 2 & 3” features both MTV seasons, along with a bonus disc of special features. The two seasons blend together upon repeated viewings, but the bonus disc is a hidden gem. It includes extra scenes and extended pranks that act to flush out the show’s inner-workings. The extended footage provides laughs as well, as in the case with the scene entitled “Mayonnaise Bomb.” In the extended footage, Bam and his buddies — including fellow skater Tony Hawk — cackle as they fill plastic grocery bags with a disgusting array of condiments. Each participant’s face glows as the group concocts so-called “mayonnaise bombs” and proceeds to run around like 10-year-olds —  which is what makes the scene so hilarious, not the actual prank itself.

On the whole, “Viva La Bam: Complete Seasons 2 & 3” provides audiences with an adequate viewing experience. The biggest downside to the package is the show itself. That is to say that wall-to-wall episodes, one after another, detract from the insanity that is “Viva La Bam” and reduces much of the show’s appeal. Still, the true humor is priceless, and the features supplement the episodes surprisingly well. Especially for fans of the show, the DVD set is well worth its purchase price. “Viva La Bam” calls to you; succumb to Bam Margera’s power.

Show: 3 stars

Picture and Sound: 4 stars

Special Features: 4 stars

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