‘Whateva’ it is, it’s simply awful

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


It’s Whateva


Federation’s It’s Whateva is a mess even at first look: The album cover boasts middle-finger waving and a front man with early *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick pineapple hair. The sound varies, at times a mixture of death-metal screaming and rap to bad R&B and hip hop. Super-violent, testosterone-heavy lyrics characterize the songs. Consider “Break Your Face”: “I do drugs and I tear down shows / It’s the life of a rap star / I got hos.” Similar lyrical profundity can be found in “College Girl,” with the clever pairing of “college” and “knowledge.”

Hilarious skits could have saved face for Federation but instead yield only audio clips of someone holding in a joint hit and opening a beer can.

Federation leaves the machismo and drugs in “When I Was Yo Man” to bring up a sensitive subject: the loss of one’s ho. Its failure climaxes with the utterance of “Damn, miss dat pussy.”


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