A decision on the jury trial for a nearly two-year long civil lawsuit against Andrew Shirvell for defaming and stalking University alum Chris Armstong has been postponed for at least one more day as the jury has yet to come to a decision.

The alleged stalking and defamation originated in 2010 when Armstrong served as the first openly gay president of the University student government — known then as the Michigan Student Assembly.

Shirvell, a Michigan assistant attorney general at that time, started a blog criticizing and accusing Armstrong of having a “radical homosexual agenda” before being fired for those actions.

The spectacle eventually reached a national audience when it landed Shirvell on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and Armstrong on “Anderson Cooper 360”.

The jury trial that was held Wednesday, which has now stretched into Thursday, is to finally end the suit filed by Armstrong against Shirvell — withholding the possibility of an appeal by Shirvell.

During the trial, Shirvell called himself to the witness stand and proceeded to ask himself questions in the third person.

“My blog was political speech,” Shirvell said as he testified, according to the Detroit Free Press. “I viewed my blog as a movement to get Mr. Armstrong to resign. I personally felt Mr. Armstrong was too radical for the position.”

Armstrong’s lawyer Deborah Gordon said she had not seen anything like this in a courtroom before and that he could have just given a narrative instead.

“I hope to never see it again,” she added. “It was odd.”

Following that, Gordon said she cross-examined Shirvell and both parties made closing statements.

Overall, Gordon said she was confident in the case made against Shirvell.

“He has a 100-page blog and every page is lies. He did not come in to trial with any evidence to counter our contention that they’re lies,” she said. “He did not call a single witness to the witness stand … except for himself.”

That Shirvell called no witnesses aside from himself was a rare occurrence, Gordon said.

“That’s unusual,” she said. “I’ve never been in a case where there’s no witnesses called by the other side.”

While this jury trial could be the end of this iteration of the ongoing legal struggles between Shirvell and Armstrong, Gordon said she sees no end to the multiple years of litigation that have already passed.

“It’s not going to come to a close. It’s going to be appealed,” she said. “Mr. Shirvell doesn’t know when to quit.”

The jury will reconvene on Thursday at 8 a.m., but it’s possible that a verdict may not be reached by then, Gordon said.

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