Three armed robberies occurred near campus over spring break. Police said similarities between the incidents have led them to believe the robberies may be connected.

The string of robberies started at about 9 p.m. Wednesday on the 1000 block of Oakland Street, the Department of Public Safety reported. Two men threatened a lone man with a handgun and demanded money. The robbers took the victim’s wallet, but the he was not injured.

Two more armed robberies occurred early yesterday morning within nine minutes of each other.

The first incident took place on the 600 block of Monroe Street at 12:45 a.m. A student was walking down the street when two men approached him. One of the men produced a handgun. The suspects demanded money, and the student surrendered a cell phone. The suspects then fled in a dark-colored car.

The second robbery happened just minutes later on the 800 block of Arch Street. The robbers stole purses from three women, again using a handgun to threaten their victims. The suspects fled on foot.

No injuries were reported in either incident. DPS and the Ann Arbor Police Department are still investigating.

Because both incidents involved two men of similar descriptions, authorities believe a single set of assailants committed both crimes. DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said there is a strong connection between the yesterday’s robberies.

According to Sgt. Craig Flocken of AAPD, Wednesday’s incident is similar to the other two robberies, but police have not yet tied them together.

Flocken said he could not comment on any investigation involving the robberies, but he said he believes police are working on leads from Wednesday’s robberies.

Police are working to identify subjects for yesterday’s crimes based on descriptions provided by witnesses.

Witnesses described the first male as having short dark hair, weighing 170 lbs and standing 5’8″ tall. The second suspect has long, dark curly hair, weighs 180 lbs. and is 6’1″ to 6’2″ in height. According to witnesses, the men were driving a two-door, dark-colored car.

Police are urging pedestrians to look assertive, avoid walking alone, trust their intuition in uncomfortable situations and keep keys in hand before walking up to vehicles.

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