When we look at a building, emotions, feelings and histories are instantly condensed into its fortified structure, amplifying an entire landscape through a single man-made design. In this two-part series, The B-Side will investigate the University’s architecture — where whitewashed, neo-classical pillars mesh seamlessly with snaking, ivy-swathed walls from Victorian England, mastering the temporal and geographic spheres for a shadowy moment. This week, we enter a program exquisitely isolated on the far reaches of North Campus, explore the mysticism of a time-honored quadrangle and gauge student perspectives on the University’s architectural landscape.

Transcending the Blueprint: A map of the U’s elusive architecture program

After you ride the bus to North Campus, find Bonisteel Boulevard, enter the Art and Architecture Building and climb three sets of stairs, an exclusive world unfolds in the form of an expanse of desk areas. The architecture school is not just a hidden and intriguing aesthetic place, but a place for a kind of thinking that teeters toward philosophy.

Regal and legal Law Quad

Regardless of the season, there are always plenty of students walking through the grassy (or snow-covered) area of the Law Quadrangle. People have long been fascinated with the beauty of its mystical architecture.

Read The B-Side next week for more on the campus’s architecture.

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