Ann Arbor ingenuity

I rent a room in the partially unfinished basement of an old Ann Arbor house. Usually, I’m the girl who can always stand the cold, the last to reach for the blankets, but the past month has been an exception.

I’ve put five blankets on my bed and wear about 4 layers of clothes and a hat to sleep. I took the space heater with a built-in thermometer out of our bathroom last week and stuck it in my room just to see how cold it was. The thermometer read 50 degrees. A few single-digit-high-temperature days later, I experienced my first night of restless sleep due to the sheer nose-numbing frigidness of my room.

Completely frustrated, I decided to fulfill every 7-year-old’s dream: to live in a tent made from bedsheets. I nailed five different sheets around my bed and one on top, almost completely sealing it off from the rest of the room.

When this turned out not to be enough to keep me warm, I borrowed a camping tent from a housemate, put it together in my room and somehow fit my twin bed and a space heater inside.

Now my room is a balmy 68 degrees, albeit a little dimly lit. At least now I can do my homework without wearing mittens.

Angela Cesere

In ladies room, third time would have been charm

Last week, I came out of a stall in the first floor Angell Hall bathroom and approached the sink. I squeezed some soap, got it into a good lather, and that’s when it happened.

I saw a girl heading out of the ladies room with her skirt tucked into her nylons. I was momentarily frozen by the sight of the random ass but was finally able to yell “Hey you!” just as she approached the exit door.

Unfortunately for her, she was wearing headphones. They were apparently cranked up to maximum volume, because I yelled again, louder this time, but to no avail. She meandered right out the door.

I was pretty worked up at this point. I yanked hard at a paper towelette. I prepared to leave but was halted by the sight of yet another ass.

This girl was moving out of the bathroom at top speed and also had her skirt tucked in to expose her rear.

Discouraged from my last attempt and slightly stunned, I didn’t even bother to call to her.

I let her go.

I would have gotten the third one. Really.

Ashlea Surles

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