Walking into White’s Market on William Street, I overheard two women who were, for some reason, overly excited about purchasing Monster Energy drinks.

A bunch of bull

Already having taken the cans out of the stand-up refrigerator, another customer stopped the women before they could purchase the beverages.

He stood in front of them as if they were breaking a law.

“You know what they put in those energy drinks, right?” he asked.

Then it was that annoying exchange where someone raises an issue but doesn’t really want to talk about it. The women had to absolutely beg the man to explain to them which ingredient could be found in energy drinks.

Finally, the man gave in.

“They put bull semen in those drinks,” he said.

While I’m nearly positive the man was wrong, I can’t say I’ve ever looked up the ingredients found in energy drinks.

The women at the store couldn’t either, and the energy drinks ended up back in the fridge.


A foot race

On Saturday, my friends and I went to Pizza House to celebrate my friend’s birthday. After dinner, we disagreed on the fastest way to return home – walking down South University Avenue or walking behind the Business School.

So we split up. After walking away, my friend turned to me and said, “We’re going to beat them.”

It was on.

Without running, we managed to make it down South University in record time, all the while contemplating where our friends could be on their journey. We rounded the corner on State Street, half expecting them to burst out of the Law Quad.


Assuming they weren’t trying to race, we meandered toward our dorm until a sound made us turn around and see them running toward us.

We ran toward the door, pushing each other out of the way until one of us managed to force open the door.

Both teams still claim victory.


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