The Apples In Stereo

Paul Wong

Velocity Of Sound

SpinArt Records

With their endless pop hooks and simple, innocuous lyrics, the Apples in Stereo are just too goddamn catchy to ignore. Their upbeat ’60s-tinged rock recalls sunshine pop pioneers like the Turtles and the Beach Boys and conjures images of carefree summer nights spent cruising the town with your best girl at your side.

Velocity of Sound, the Apples’ aptly-named fifth studio album, sounds like Pet Sounds played at Ramones speed. Lead singer and indie-pop grandmaster Robert Schneider has always been a master of the hook, and he continues his ways on Velocity with one sugary number after another. Thick, fuzzy guitar riffs are countered by Schneider’s quirky good humor and shrill, nasal voice that’s so high it makes Geddy Lee sound like Barry White.

Schneider carries on the na

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