I am immensely sorry for the profound hurt that I have inflicted upon Michigan Student Assembly Rep. Tim Hull. My despicable action in creating a Facebook group that insulted Tim (Pres. draws fire for Facebook group, 11/28/2007) was inexcusable, and I am extremely disappointed in myself and in my behavior.

What was originally a tasteless and crass joke has hurt Tim deeply. For those actions, all I can do is ask for his forgiveness. I have the utmost respect for Tim Hull, both as a person and as a representative, and the creation of this group directly undermines these sentiments. Tim has worked tirelessly on MSA for students and perpetually proves himself as an asset.

I have never been more disappointed in myself, and I take full responsibility for my inappropriate conduct. I have made a terrible mistake, which has been a disservice to this campus. I hope that the campus community can find it in its heart to forgive me. More importantly, I hope that Tim realizes how truly sorry I am and how highly I think of him.

I will do everything I possibly can to make this right so I can lead MSA past this and continue to work for the benefit of Michigan students.

Zack Yost is an Engineering senior and president of the Michigan Student Assembly.

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