TOP: Michigan Civil Rights Initiative employee Max McPhail holds a sign accusing Civil Rights Commission Chair Mark Bernstein of bias against the MCRI outside of Bernstein’s Ann Arbor home Friday while he held a fund-raiser for One United Michigan, an anti-MCRI group. Outspoken MCRI supporter Jennifer Gratz and about 15 University students protested Bernstein’s fund-raiser because it was held two weeks after his committee delivered a report against the initiative.

Phil Dokas
Phil Dokas

BOTTOM: Bernstein surveys protesters’ signs with his son Noah. Bernstein repeatedly came out to the students and even sent waitresses with hors d’oeuvres out to the group. “It’s a radical act to come to someone’s home in a quiet suburban neighborhood,” Bernstein said. “They are really lowering the bar of civility in Ann Arbor.”

(Photos by Angela Cesere/Daily)

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