A large group of students crowded around Michigan Student Assembly President Zack Yost as he exited his office on the third floor of the Michigan Union Tuesday evening.

Angela Cesere

Yost, who was elected to the position in March, says the representatives who hang out in MSA chambers are the reason he comes to work everyday. And his dedication doesn’t stop there. His eyes light up when he mentions the rally for higher education, the new MSA internship program and the college readership program, which he says will bring free newspapers to campus.

Here, Yost talks about his political future, so many past MSA and LSA presidents have been members of his fraternity and his penchant for dressing to impress.

– I hang out at Rick’s at night, but I think I stay until close the Union more than I see closing time Rick’s these days, which is usually at about 2 a.m. Closing at each place has its own rewards.

– I never planned on running for president. But I love it. I’m always thinking about MSA. That’s probably not normal.

– If I hear someone say MSA is insular and cliquish, I’m going to ask that person to join us.

– A lot of people from the Greek system are involved in a lot of different places. I guess people in Alpha Epsilon Pi are attracted to student government. But there is actually only one other AEPi member in MSA now.

– I always try and look sharp. It’s important. People recognize you and you need to look good. Tuesday nights, when we have MSA meetings, I definitely need to be on point.

– I’ve actually never seen a high school homecoming parade. I was on the football team so I never had the opportunity to watch, but I’m really excited about ours. Hillel and many other student organizations are helping out. And we’re shutting down State Street.

– I played guard on the offensive line in high school. I miss it a lot. Now I only play in the Mudbowl. I used to play Club Rugby here, but it conflicts with MSA meetings.

– This is my last experience in politics until I join the University’s Board of Regents. I think that would be a rewarding experience and a great way to be involved in the University. You can always be working to make the University better. A huge amount of money was just spent on renovating the regent’s room. I don’t know if I can pinpoint the regents for that cost, but I do know that many departments and student services are undergoing budget cuts.

– As told to Emily Angell

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