It might shock you. It might scare you. It might even confuse the hell out of you. But that’s only if you don’t get the joke. Regardless, “SARGASM,” created by the members of the new campus group formed by people with obscurely creative intentions looking for an outlet through video known as anonyMous, is coming to the Michigan Theater, and you will not be prepared for its contents.

One part biting social commentary, one part film preview parody and still another part gorilla, this entertaining piece of escapist comedy organizes a plethora of “SNL”-type skits into a strangely sensical and unique production of surprisingly high quality. Influences for the group come from obvious sources, sometimes resembling the oddball oldies in “Moron Movies” and always adding a twinge of the indescribable content of British humor.

The members of anonyMous range from film to biopsychology and musicology majors, but they all gathered for one common purpose, one ultimate higher goal: to produce a funny film for people with little or no attention span.

First formed in the fall of 2002, founder Joe Hawley had a vision of something quite different than the norm. “Many students on this campus are chock full of creative energy and talent but are frustrated because they don’t know where to put it,” Hawley said. When asked to describe his feelings regarding the project, he replied, “Think ‘Saturday Night Live,’ only funny.”

Tom Liu, a Business School student and member of the group, voiced his opinion on the vast potential and hopes for growth that finishing this introductory project has kindled. “I think anonyMous harbors much potential to grow artistically and professionally. I see anonyMous stepping out of the local arena one day and achieving something grand.”

What makes “SARGASM” so interesting, however, is neither its title nor its creators; it’s the content itself. One of the mainstays that provides skit-to-skit transition is a mock commercial that pokes fun at the recent wave of anti-drugs/smoking/everything television campaigns, including an interlude filled by fish mouthing the word “boobs.” But probably the most humorous skits, and somehow the most commercially driven, involve the everyday activities of a man in a gorilla costume.

Characteristic of the program itself, another member, Brandon Hall, gave the following advice to those who will be in attendance at Thursday’s screening: “Remember when you walked in on your parents having sex? ‘SARGASM’ is twice as fun.” That pretty much says everything.

Although anonyMous’ comedy might not be for everybody, it does provide a tremendous opportunity for students itching to express themselves and a superb example of the quality work that can emerge from the vast and overflowing levels of skill, knowledge and creativity that exists on campus. It might be one of the strangest things you’ll ever see, but it certainly is worth taking a study break to experience.

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