Student models donning undergrad-produced designs stomped down the runway Saturday night.

EnspiRED, a student organization that aims to promote artistic expression at the University, hosted the fashion show. Taking place in the Biomedical Science Research Building, it also featured pieces from artists nationwide.

The event is traditionally EnspiRED’s biggest of the year, LSA senior Tyrell Collier, EnspiRED production manager and president, said.

“We wanted to show that you can be innovative, you can be creative, and you can do things that are outside of the norm,” Collier said. “I feel like when people leave this show this will be something they’ve never seen before on campus.”

In its eighth year on campus, EnspiRED donated 15 percent of the show’s proceeds to Art Road Nonprofit, an organization dedicated to funding art classes in southeast Michigan schools that have lost support for their programs. EnspiRED is also planning a trip to Detroit to assist the nonprofit through volunteer work. The majority of the generated money will fund this year’s and next year’s show.

The show featured five waves of clothing designs: Liberation, Creation, Innovation, Domination and Live Red Nation.

“To ‘live red’ means to be happy, be creative and just be you and do what makes you happy,” LSA senior Danetta Jameson, an EnspiRED model, said.

Collier said he hopes to demonstrate the positive influence African American students have on campus through organizations like EnspiRED and its fashion show.

“We are a majority Black organization, meaning that our executive board is a majority African Americans,” Collier said. “This is being Black at Michigan to me.”

For the first time, Music, Theatre and Dance sophomore Stephon Dorsey had the opportunity to showcase his own clothing designs from his line called Vision by Goodsteph.

“I wanted to showcase something that exemplified the whole idea of using what you have to get what you want,” said Dorsey. “At first, it was definitely a little hectic, and I was a little anxious and worried, but once I was able to see everybody on the screen – that was the most glorifying moment of my life.”

LSA junior Taylor Clayborne said she enjoyed the outfits, models and venue that the show had to offer.

“I think that it’s awesome that they’re using local and student clothing lines,” Clayborne said. “I’m really impressed that this was all student-run.”

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