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Charles Paradis
JONATHON TRIEST/Daily </P> Blue Ferrari
Charles Paradis
JONATHON TRIEST/Daily </P>Black Velvet and Irish Flag

Have you ever set fire to a Blue Ferrari? Or drenched yourself in a Purple Rain?

The usual Vodka tonic and Jack and Coke have become staple alcoholic beverages among twenty-somethings on campus.

Other than beer, these unimaginative, ordinary drinks are some of the most popular drinks students order when frequenting the bars.

Meanwhile, every bar on and around this campus has a drink unique to it that is not so common.

Many bargoers are not aware of these options, not because they are not good, but rather, these drinks remain unknown because many students may have not been introduced to them.

Whether you are looking for a cocktail that packs a powerful punch or something to tickle the taste buds and catch the eye, every bar in Ann Arbor can provide you with something other than your typical beer.

The next time you step into a bar, take a chance on something new and colorful to expand your tastes.

If you feel uncomfortable asking the bartender for a drink recommendation or if you cannot hear over the noise of the bar crowd, here is a sample of a few drinks you can find in Ann Arbor for the adventurous party-goer who wants to break out of the traditional beer mold.

Conor O’Neill’s on South Main Street offers delightful layered drinks appealing to both the taste buds and the eyes.

As its name implies, the Irish Flag shot consists of three layers: Cr

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