It’s 3 a.m., and the party just ended. You’ve been
on the street corner for half an hour waiting for your cab. Sound
familiar? It probably does because cab companies around Ann Arbor
can take longer than the projected five to 25 minutes. However, one
cab driver has made a name for himself around campus for his
reliable service and entertaining rides. This Yellow Cab Company
driver goes by the name Uncle Rick.

Weekend Magazine

Not only does he let you know exactly how long it will take him
to pick you up, if asked, Uncle Rick will even call your cell phone
when he has gotten to where you’re waiting so you do not have
to wait outside in the cold. Staying true to his clients, he makes
sure to pick up only the people who called him.

Many cab drivers around Ann Arbor are known to tell a good joke
or two, but Uncle Rick is sure to please any rider with his
original comedy, keeping the ride entertaining. He encourages
riders to request a story while in the cab, and he promises to
deliver with a tale that’s sure to make you laugh.

Perhaps the reason that everyone loves getting rides from Uncle
Rick is because he enjoys what he does. Working as a cab driver for
15 years, Uncle Rick does not consider driving a cab a job.
“You called it a job (but) driving a cab is not a job,
it’s not a career and it’s not an occupation,” he
said. “It’s a lifestyle, and I like the

Amanda R. Shapin

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