At best, “Charlie”s Angels” is a fun 100 minutes, with our three angels, played by Cameron Diaz (yum), Drew Barrymore (dumb) and Lucy Liu (University alum), whipping bad guys left and right in an attempt to save the world. At worst, “Charlie”s Angels” is a scattered mishmash of stories that bounce from one scene to the next with no discernible plot.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

In truth, the film lies somewhere in between these two extremes. If you look any deeper than face value, you”ll see nothing. But if you take “Charlie”s Angels” for what it is and ease up on your snobbery, the flick proves to be an enjoyable romp with three high-flying angels, proficient in martial arts and so much more. Bonus points are also in order for the inclusion of Bill Murray, stellar as usual.

The DVD version of Charlie”s Angels comes packed with plenty of extras. The commentary track, featuring director McG, is a nice inclusion but the makers missed the boat by not having the three angels rap about the film on a track of their own. The disc also contains several short documentaries on different aspects of the film. The highlight is “Getting G”d Up” an ode to McG in which Barrymore states “I don”t think I could love a human being as much as I love McG.” Guess that leaves Tom Green in a bit of a pickle.

Also featured are three deleted scenes, with the best being a killer game of Marco Polo between Bill Murray and Tim Curry. The disc is topped off with the music video for the Destiny”s Child song “Independent Woman Part 1.” With a sequel already in the works, it appears that we haven”t seen the last of Charlie or his angels.

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