Where do you go when nature calls? Michigan students reported that they’d rather be in the Angell Hall bathrooms than anywhere else on campus. But what makes Angell’s facilities better than the rest? Or are they even that much better? At least one person thinks so.

Jason Pesick
<p>The new bathrooms in Angell are the best on campus.</p>
<p>Elise Bergman/Daily</p>

“I love the Angell bathrooms – there’s not a lot of traffic so you can shit peacefully,” said Michigan alum Jim Kyle, who graduated last year and used to spend a lot of time in the building.

But let’s look into this topic more before making a decision. So, you’ve just hiked up to campus from your dorm or apartment and you’ve got an appointment with your LSA advisor. Up the marble steps into Angell, and you hit the first set of bathrooms. Perfect, a chance to relieve yourself before discussing your major and class schedule for the next 30 minutes. But beware of these “first chance” bathrooms. The lighting above the stalls is almost non-existent and the floors are always covered with dirty paper towels. These bathrooms also have only three toilets each – not the best when you’re in a rush.

Phew, the meeting with your advisor is over and it’s off to your sociology lecture in Angell’s Auditorium B. When you’re almost there, that supersize Coke from Wendy’s kicks in and a stop to the bathroom is necessary. This time you hit up the stalls next to the auditoriums. These are always a good bet – not too crowded and usually kept clean. Girls, this is a good place to primp because of all the space.

Lecture’s over and a trip to the Fishbowl is needed, as you have a psychology journal due in, oops, an hour. But, that soda is still kicking in, so you visit the bathrooms right outside of the computer area. Be very cautious in these bathrooms. Warning: Foul smells and dim lighting lie within. Do the janitors even stop in there?

The journal is completed and successfully e-mailed to your GSI and now it’s time for English class. Up the stairs this time – two flights to the old section of Angell. Your bladder is still complaining, so you pay a quick visit to the johns on this floor. These are probably the eeriest and quietest bathrooms in the building. Be sure to read all the ancient messages on the inside of the stall doors (yes, people actually have conversations on the bathroom stalls).

You’re done with Angell for the day and head out through the newly completed back section of the building. It’s embarrassing, but you feel a No. 2 coming on. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. The bathrooms in the new section of Angell are a little-known secret. With brand new toilets, sinks, tile floors and not visited too often, these bathrooms are the ideal place to get some precious time to yourself.

The consensus? While all of Angell’s bathrooms may not be up to par, the number and variety make up for it. LSA freshman Steve Lake agrees.

“The urinals are wonderfully maintained,” Lake said. “And the toilets are so clean you can drink out of them. Not that I do, but it’s good to know the option is there.”

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