5. ‘Rocky Top’ – The second best fight song in the nation is currently stuck in my head after spending last weekend in South Bend and going to the Notre Dame/Tennessee football game. Singing along to this classic with a bunch of Tennessee fans at a post-game party was great fun and if you are not familiar with it, you should definitely give it a listen.

Sarah Royce
(Courtesy of Fox)

4. ‘The Simpsons’ – America’s favorite dysfunctional family may not be as funny as they used to be, but in my mind the show will always be better than “Family Guy.” Plus you can always get ahold of the DVDs if you desire that classic Homer.

3. Hilary Duff – She’s only 18 and she already has a greatest hits album. If this doesn’t attest to her brilliance as a singer, I don’t know what does. Her movies are often heavily flawed (or so I have read), but this kid can easily look past that. She’s rumored to be dating some dude from Good Charlotte (or maybe Simple Plan), but she’ll eventually grow out of the lame punk rockers and move on to the Daily Arts staff writer phase.

2. MTV Overdrive – A sub-division of mtv.com, Overdrive offers exclusive live performances, interviews, music videos and more. You can also learn more about your favorite Laguna Beach characters! And by “characters,” I mean psuedo-humans.

1. Soundclick.com – Great website for new music artists to check out other artists’ music or create their own page and post their own (plus it’s all free). Doug Funny, Phoenix Productions and Buttaz are some of my favorites.

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