5.  “Reno 911!” and “The
Apprentice” —
“Reno 911!” is pure
brilliance and it airs during dinner, which is a definite plus.
“The Apprentice” … well, admit it: Reality TV is
addicting. Someone needs to make it stop.

Laura Wong

4.  The Federal Communications Commission —
Thank God someone’s putting a stop to nipples, deplorable
violence, naughty curse words, Howard Stern and everything else
that’s wrong with our country. For fuck’s sake,
it’s about time.

3.  “Songs of Innocence and Experience”
Pulitzer Prize winner and Music Prof. William Bolcom is
one week away from having his New Yorks Times-labeled
“masterpiece” return to Hill Auditorium for the first
time since its U.S. premiere in 1984. The roughly 450 musicians
required to pull off the William Blake song cycle include a full
chorus, orchestra, reggae band, rock group, multiple soloists,
maestro Leonard Slatkin and hell knows what else. It doesn’t
get much bigger than this.

2.  Arthur Miller on campus — How often is it
that one of the greatest living playwrights attends his alma mater
to speak during “An Arthur Miller Celebration?”

1.  Jon Brion — With his recent score for
“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” an upcoming
album from Fiona Apple, an experimental rock group,and a follow-up
to the pop masterpiece Meaningless,
producer/composer/musician-extraordinaire Jon Brion will continue
to conquer the world.

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