5. Good movies — This week brings the DVD release of “Elf” in addition to the big-screen debut of the highly anticipated “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.” Anyone with the audacity to admit to watching the show will attest that it is the most cracked-out TV show ever –— in a good way.


4. John Legend — On Friday, future R&B star Mr. Legend (aka John Stephens), will perform at the Michigan League Ballroom. If you haven’t heard of him, you will. His major label debut comes out in December and features production from, among others, Kanye West. Not to be missed.


3. “Dreamgirls” — The MUSKET production of “Dreamgirls” will run Friday through Sunday at the Power Center. The musical loosely follows the career of the ’60s Motown legends the Supremes. Prepare to be funkified.


2. The original Nintendo Entertainment System on projection screens — Currently available probably only at my house (in Ann Arbor), but this combination comes highly recommended. You’ve never realized how much fun “Duck Hunt” or “Punchout” or even “Wheel of Fortune” can be once it’s projected on a huge white wall. Call my roommate for details. It’s his projector.


1. Bright Eyes — Indie music stomps on all the other crap. This week Conor Oberst and his crew debuted new material at the No. 1 and 2 spots of the Billboard 200 Singles Chart. In other news, the president is, in fact, from a different planet.

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