Best Restaurants:

Paul Wong
University alum Dan Lovell dances at the Nectarine, which was voted Ann Arbor”s best dance spot.<br><br>JESSICA JOHNSON/Daily

Best Coffee: Cava Java

Best Ice Cream/Yogurt: Stucchi”s

Best Bagels: Einstein Bagels

Best Burgers: Blimpy Burgers

Best Hot Dogs: Red Hot Lovers

Best Wings: Mr. Spots

Best Salads: Pizza House

Best Chipatis: Pizza House

Best Pizza: Cottage Inn

Best Subs: Jimmy John”s

Best Deli: Amer”s

Best Take Out: Pizza House

Best Late Night Munchies:Pizza House

Best Cheap Beer: Rick”s

Best Microbrew: Arbor Brewing Co.

Best Bar Drinks: Good Time Charley”s

Best Happy Hour: Good Time Charley”s

Best Sports Bar: Scorekeepers

Best Overall Bar: Rick”s

Best Italian Food: Palio”s

Best Indian Food: Raja Rani

Best Mid-Eastern Food: Jerusalem


Best Chinese Food: China Gate

Best Korean Food: Steve”s Lunch

Best Mexican Food: Tio”s

Best BBQ: Mongolian BBQ

Best Greek Food: Mr. Greek”s Coney


Best Vegetarian Food: Seva

Best Outdoor Eatery: Dominick”s

Best Greasy Spoon: Fleetwood

Best Place for Folks to Treat: Gandy


Best Restaurant Service: Gratzi

Best Breakfast: Angelo”s

Best Lunch: Amer”s

Best Dinner: Mongolian BBQ

Best Overall Restaurant: Pizza House

Best Businesses:

Best Compact Discs: Borders

Best Used CDs: Tie Wazoo Records,


Best Shoe Store: Footprints

Best Haircut: Noggins

Best Tanning Salon: Tanfastic

Best Books: Borders

Best Art Supplies: Ulrich”s

Best Textbooks: Ulrich”s

Best Test Prep: Kaplan

Best Liquor: Campus Corner

Best Florists: Normandie Flowers

Best Travel Agency: STA Travel

Best Men”s Clothing: Bivouac

Best Women”s Clothing: Urban Outfitters

Best “U” Fan Apparel: Steve and Barry”s

Best Thrift Clothing: Value Village

Best Outdoor Apparel: Bivouac

Best Sporting Goods: Bivouac

Best Bicycle Sales: Great Lakes Cyclery

Best Cab Service: Yellow Cab (Ann Arbor


Best New Local Business: Pita Pit

Best Entertainment:

Best Movie Theater: Michigan Theater

Best Video Store: Liberty Street Video

Best Dance Spot: Nectarine

Best Concert in the Past Year: Guster

Best Local Band: Donkey Punch

Best Local Festival: Ann Arbor Art Fair

Best Radio Station: 88.3 WCBN

Best Live Music Club: Blind Pig

Best of the University:

Best Campus Tradition: Naked Mile

Best Campus Event: Football Saturdays

Best Speaker (past year): Jesse Jackson

Best Course: Psych 111

Best Blow-Off course: Psych 111

Best Professor: Ralph Williams

Best Lecture Hall: 1800 Chem Bldg.

Best Bathroom: Angell Hall

Best Residence Hall: South Quad

Best Res. Hall Cafeteria: Bursely

Best Co-op: Michigan House

Best Student Group: Blue Party

Best Frat to Party With: Beta Theta Pi

Best Sorority to Party With: Delta


Best Place to Study: Law Library

Best Library: Graduate Library

Best Computing Center: Angell Hall Fishbowl

Best Place to Work Out: CCRB

Best Student Job: Library Assistant


Best Athlete (male): Drew Henson

Best Athlete (female): Elise Ray

Best Sports Team: Football

Best Sports Tradition: Hockey chants at Yost Arena

Best Thing About Football Saturday: tie tailgating, winning

Best of Dating:

Best Date Movie: Crouching Tiger,

Hidden Dragon

Best Unusual Date Idea: Sledding

Best Place to Meet a New Mate: In classes

Best Pickup Line:

(most common response) “Hi.”

(most creative response) “Your parents must be retarded because you”re pretty special.”

Best Place for a First Date: The Arb

Best Place for a Rendezvous: The Arb

Best Public Place for Sex: tie Graduate Library stacks, The Arb

Best Rejection Line:

(most common response) “No.”

(most creative response) “Sorry, I”m having an affair with your mom.”

Best Place to Break Up: Diag

Best of the Web:

Best Website: ESPN.com

Best Search Engine: google.com

Best University Website: mgoblue.com

Best News Site: cnn.com

Best Online Notes: versity.com

Best Apartment Locator Site: Rent.net

Best of the Rest:

Best Thing About Ann Arbor: The Michigan Every Three Weekly

Best Place to People Watch: The Diag

Best Place to get Parking Ticket: Everywhere

Best Street to Live On: State Street

Best Excuse for Cutting Class:

(most common response) Sleeping

(most creative response) “I just haven”t fully recovered from that nasty case of mono I had six months ago.”

Best Excuse for a Late Paper:

(most common response) Sickness

(most creative response) “Hideki was talk

ing to me.”

Best Fad: All your base are belong to us.

Best Slang: “sketchy”

Best Place to go in an “Altered” State: The Arb

Best Place to Take A Nap: In class

Best Daily Columnist/Writer: Chris Kula

Best News Headline (past year): (Brian) Ellerbe Fired!

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