As classes quickly near their end and our seniors prepare to bid
farewell to their home of four long years, The Michigan Daily took
it upon itself to honor the best and worst of the Ann Arbor scene.
Eager staffers grabbed their surveys with a never-before-seen gusto
and voted for their favorite remembrances of this small town.
Congratulations to the following winners! The Michigan Daily staff
salutes you.


Best of Ann Arbor Cuisine

Best Asian Restaurant: China Gate

Best Birthday Treat: Stucchi’s

Best Breakfast: Angelo’s

Best Coffee: Espresso Royale

Best Dessert: Stucchi’s

Best Hot Dog: Red Hot Lovers

Best Pizza: New York Pizza Depot

Best Soup: Zingerman’s

Best Veggie Options: Seva

Most Underrated Restaurant/ Food Restaurant:
Frank’s Restaurant


On the Flip Side

Most Overrated Restaurant/ Food Venue: Pizza House, Jimmy

Worst Pizza: Hello Faz

Worst Service: Cosi, Cottage Inn (Packard and Hill


Best of the ‘U’

Best Ann Arbor Event: Football Saturday

Best Michigan Sports Crowd: Yost Ice Arena

Best Michigan Sports Player: Chris Perry

Best Place to Use a Fake ID: Scorekeepers

Best Student Group/Organization: Detroit Project

Most Romantic Place: The Arb


On the Flip Side

Most Annoying Diag Event/Person: Michigan Student
Assembly candidates

Most Obnoxious Greek Event: Rush

Worst Campus Building: Frieze Building

Worst Classroom: MLB basement classrooms

Worst Place to Use a Fake ID: Village Corner

Worst University Website: Wolverine Access


Best of the Rest

Best Blog: Goodspeed Update

Best Line to Wait in for a Bar/Club: Mitch’s

Best Slang/ Catchphrase of the Year:
“Yeeeaah,” either the Dave Chappelle or Howard Dean

Best Thing about Michigan Weather: The first spring party


On the Flip Side

Least Inventive Date: Watching an episode of “Sex
and the City”

Worst Fashion Trend: Pants with “Juicy” or
Greek sorority letters written across the butt

Worst Thing about Michigan Weather: Snow after a 60
degree day

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