Wind Power: Companies across the country are investing in wind power, which is currently generated in Texas, Pennsylvania and California. Texas already has a 2,000-megawatt infrastructure that supplies almost 15 percent of the state’s energy.

Nuclear Power: Despite the danger of meltdowns, nuclear plants continue to operate because of their high energy potential. America’s 104 nuclear plants produce 781,986 billion kilowatt-hours of energy annually, and President Bush will likely propose building more. Locally, the Palisades Nuclear Plant in South Haven, Mich. generates $6.3 million for Van Buren County.

Ethanol: It may not be used for electricity, but improving automobile emissions is just as important a pursuit. E-85 is finally off the ground in the America, and auto companies are trying to perfect E-85 compatible cars. Several hundred ethanol stations exist in America, and demand is expected to increase when people see that ethanol costs 30 percent less than gasoline-.

– Kevin Bunkley

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