Upon entering college, one anxiously looks forward to an exhilarating social scene filled with new friends, adventures and lasting memories. However, students here at the University, where we have just as many libraries as bars, often ponder what to do if under the age of 21.

Paul Wong
A very risky date locale.

Luckily, we have formulated a list of “alternative” activities for the weekend if you just aren’t “into” the bar scene or literally cannot get in.

“I am so sick of the typical bar scene in Ann Arbor. I feel like every weekend I go to the same bar and I see the same people and do the same thing. I just wish there were other things to do in Ann Arbor because it would be fun to attend adventurous, perhaps culturalevents,” said Lauren Kovacs, an LSA senior.

Sporting events are a great way to meet other University students and support athletic teams.

If you’d rather be an athlete than a spectator, Rock n’ Bowl may be a good choice for entertainment. Colonial Lanes, located on South Industrial Avenue, offers Rock n’Bowl on weekends.

Local movie theaters such as the State Theater, the Michigan Theater and Quality 16, offer discount student prices.

For women looking for a racier evening, Cavern Club, located on First Street, offers admission to women 19 and over on Thursday nights.

Although they are not able to drink, they can dance and have fun with their friends (and obviously older boys too).

Another club, The Necto, which is located on East Liberty Street, also offers admission to underage students.

Although not commonly thought of as a date place, museums are often a great venue for meeting people. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum offers an intellectual yet fun way to spend quality time.

Rock climbing at Planet Rock on Washtenaw Avenue is another adventurous alternative.

Having fun with friends while getting in a work out is certainly difficult for most, but Planet Rock offers this appeal for the best of both worlds. Located right on State Street is Cosi; one may take pleasure in the gooey marshmallow and chocolate smores at this fun, late night activity.

“Because I am under 21 years old, I feel like my social life here is similar to high school. We all meet at the same place on the weekends looking for something fun and exciting to do. I can’t wait until I am 21, because I will finally be able to go to the bar and see what I am missing out on.

Maybe the bar owners should just let younger people in without drinking, or perhaps someone can take the initiative and find things for people to do at U of M who are under 21 years old,” said LSA freshman Jenny Katz.

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