You see them everywhere, the token “weirdos” of Halloween, who come out to play when the lights dim and the moon comes out. Halloween is a night of freaks and weirdos, but because you’re just so much better than all that immaturity, you always hit the classic events — haunted houses, pumpkin patches and cider mills. And when you’re feeling a bit daring, sometimes you’ll even join in on the hayride festivities.

But this year, instead of basking in your maturity and superiority, give in to those crazed temptations to be the one people warn you about. Do your part in turning Michigan into a three ring circus. A three-ring circus full of witches, werewolves and wackos. A three-ring circus that isn’t busy studying for an electrical engineering exam or preparing for a B-School presentation.

Instead of doing all your “normal” Halloween activities, why not try these? It’ll be so much more than just a typical night out :

5. Head up to Blockbuster to rent some scary movies. But instead of going straight to the horror section, rent some really horrifying flicks, like Glitter or Crossroads. There’s nothing more terrifying than having to sit through more than an hour of Mariah Carey’s awful acting attempts.

4. “Here’s a philanthropy project for all those do-gooders out there. Why not lend yourself to some pretty scary Halloween ‘services.’ I can’t think of anyone scarier or more needy of some good ole’ fashioned ‘human interaction’ than a computer science student. So get on that. Literally, ” said Engineering junior Darren Galligan

3. In honor of the movie ‘Old School,’ go streaking. Find a couple of your most malicious buddies and streak through the Diag … with a pumpkin. Hey, why not? Pumpkins are cool, man.

2. Take a road trip to the dorms. And for an added bonus, take your Michael Meyers mask along with you. Use it as a disguise so the freshman can’t report the culprit who stole all their towels while they were in the shower.

1. “Scream” masks are a dime a dozen these days. They’re overplayed and overrated. How many spoof movies have they been in? Go for a different, much more horrifying mask — Justin Timberlake.

It will trick the obsessed girls and treat the homophobic boys to a night of awkward glances from across the frat house dance floor.

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