Just before 1:15 a.m. early yesterday morning, a fight broke out at Good Time Charley’s that ended with one bystander being sent to the hospital with “superficial” stab wounds and another man in police custody.

The fight began between two men who were standing inside the popular bar located on South University Avenue, according to Lieutenant Myron Blackwell of the Ann Arbor Police Department.

As the two people fought, a knife was pulled at some point which didn’t appear to scare the other person in the fight who was “obviously not afraid of the guy with the knife,” Blackwell said.

After the knife was drawn, the second person said something along the lines of “get that knife out of here,” Blackwell said.

The first person then made a move with the knife that, as Blackwell describes, apparently missed the second person, but struck a third person in the chest causing “very superficial wounds.”

The third person, who was “totally not related to anything” according to Blackwell, is not believed to have played any role in the original fight. That person is expected to be treated and released from the hospital yesterday night, Blackwell said.

After the third person was stabbed, the fight evidently continued, Blackwell said. It is at that point when the suspect with the knife is believed to have “received injuries to his face area, possibly a broken nose,” Blackwell said.

The clash ultimately was broken up, Blackwell said, “by the bouncers and the police officers who were right around the corner.” The whole altercation is not believed to have lasted very long at all, Blackwell said.

The manager working at Good Time Charley’s at the time the fight broke out would not comment on the incident.

None of the people involved in the fight are University students, Blackwell said. He also said that he did not know as of 3:45 a.m. yesterday morning if any of the people involved were Ann Arbor residents.

The suspect with the knife was taken into police custody, according to Blackwell, and was set to be arraigned yesterday. When contacted today about the arraignment charges, Blackwell said he had no new information, but said the AAPD recommended felonious assault.

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