5.  “Napoleon Dynamite” on DVD — Girls only want boyfriends with skills: Nunchuck skills; bowhunting skills; computer-hacking skills. Girls also only want boyfriends who have this DVD.

Beth Dykstra
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

4.  “Vibrate” — Who would have thought that Petey Pablo would make it past aircraft metaphors. In his latest, “Vibrate,” Petey upgrades his rhymes from simple listing (that was so “Mambo No. 5”), to sweet lines like these: “Make that ass vibrate / shake that shit ‘til you start an earthquake” and “Just as sure as your ass is fat / there’s some 26-inch rims on a Cadillac.” Sweet rhymes indeed.

3.  Joss Whedon on “Wonder Woman” — TV Guide reported last week that writer/director/all-around awesome guy Joss Whedon may take the helm of an upcoming big-screen Wonder Woman project. Not only does the return of “Buffy”/“Angel”/“Firefly” creator tickle my fancy in itself, but the possibility that the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar or Charisma Carpenter could sport the golden lasso is more than my geeky heart can handle.

2.  The Golden Globes — The Oscars’ trashier little sister got a little more risqu

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