5. “The Believer” — This monthly litmag
from McSweeney’s deconstructs Sweet Valley High books, condemns
high-fructose corn syrup and interviews everyone from Ice Cube to
David Foster Wallace to Tina Fey.

Kate Green
Courtesy of Catandgirl.com

4. Mo Rocca — Erstwhile “Daily Show” correspondent
and self-professed media gadfly, Rocca uses big words to describe
Pop Rocks on VH1’s “I Love the ’80s.” C-list celebrity status
never looked so hot.

3. “Stitch ‘n Bitch” by Debbie Stoller
This how-to book for the Third Wave’s crafting
revolution features detailed instructions on how to knit, purl and
craft super-cute garments like keyhole scarves, kneesocks,
wristbands, purses, hats and sweaters — there’s even a bikini
pattern. Foxy and crafty!

2. “Home Movies” Season 4 on Cartoon Network
The post-“Dr. Katz” cartoon in which three
mostly-noseless eight-year-olds cuss and make movies returns to
weirdo cartoon showcase “Adult Swim.” Let’s all sing it

1. Catandgirl.com —Dorothy Gambrell’s
goofy/intellectual webcomic where Girl reads Proust, drinks tea and
mocks hipsters, while Cat, her legal guardian, eats paint.
They’re like peanut butter and chocolate, if peanut butter
and chocolate could comment on the postmodern condition.

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